Peddler Market introducing: The Spicy Biker

To show our appreciation for those who make Peddler Market tick, we’re shining a spotlight on our wonderful vendors. We recently caught up with Soneeta from The Spicy Biker about their lovely street food and their plans for the future.

The Spicy Biker are a family-run business that specialises in Indian Street Food. They’re one of our favourites and regularly appear at Peddler Market in Sheffield, Leeds and Wakefield.

Read on to hear more from Soneeta of The Spicy Biker.

What’s the inspiration behind your dishes?

“Our family business has so many different inspirations!

“My mother’s daily home-cooked food and dishes found at family events back home in Punjab, India are huge inspirations to us.”

If someone could only have one of your dishes, what would you recommend?

“If you could only get one of our dishes we’d hope you’d try Mum’s special chicken curry with rice.

“But you’d wish you’d got the Dad’s Famous Bhajis as well. We love making them, but begrudge having to cut 60 kg of onions by hand in a day!”

Do you have a favourite “weird” food combo? What is it?

“We love pouring my chicken curry over bhajis. It’s everything I hope for when looking for dippy snacks.”

What’s your perfect street food three-course meal?

“My absolute favourite street food meal is Waffle Karts’ chicken and waffles with syrup. I’d happily have that for breakfast, dinner and supper!”

What’s your favourite food trend at the moment?

“To be honest, we don’t follow a lot of food trends. But our family has always preferred a picky tea rather than a big meal.

“I love seeing all the charcuterie spreads and dishes involving 100 million different textures and tastes becoming more popular – I just get too bored too quickly!”

What do events like Peddler Market mean for the street food scene?

“Trading at a Peddler Market has been on my bucket list since The Spicy Biker started. We’ve always loved the atmosphere here and we’re delighted to have attended a few events now.

“Having prestigious events like Peddler Market in our lives has had a massive impact. They help raise The Spicy Biker’s profile amongst the street food scene and let us engage with people in different places.

“The Peddler Market team is also fantastic and the way they run the events is absolutely spot on. As a trader, you couldn’t ask for more.”

What’s next for you and your street food?

“When we were invited to the first Peddler Market Wakefield in August 2023, we were delighted to announce The Spicy Biker’s next chapter.

“We’re delighted to have opened our own store in Wakefield. So when we’re not banging out bhajis at a Peddler Market, you can find us at 16 Cross Street for the next few years!”

The Spicy Biker will be at Peddler Market Leeds on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of July, at
Project House
Armley Rd
LS12 2DR

Don’t forget to try their Dad’s Famous Bhajis!

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